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bale management in blow room

Bale management

Bale management is the process of management testing, mixing, sorting bales according. to characteristics of fibre (fineness, colors, length) for producing desired yarn at minimum range quality of cost.

Purpose of bale management:

1. To meet the functions and end me requirements.

2. To compensat for the variation in properties of the raw material.

3: To control or reduce fabric barre.

4. to provide the derive properties of and product.

5. To reduce raw material east.

6. To achive uniform yarn quality required yarn

feed apparatus:

1.Two interacting clamping cylinders:

→gives the best forward motion –

> greatest clamping distance between cylinder & beater.

2. A feed roller and a feed table:

> Samping distance is very small

> This results in intensive opening.

> clamping over the the whole width is – poor

→ the roller presses only on the highest points of the neeb.


this places can be dragged out of the web as clamping

3. A feed roller and a pedals:

→ where pedals are used, the table. is devided into many sections.

→ each of sections individually presses the week against spiring pressure via the roller

→ This provide secure clamping distance

→ the feeding system is concerned. influence can be exerted and cleaning only via the type of clamping,mainly distance to the opening element



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