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Difference between Ring and Rotor spinning

 Difference between Ring and Rotor spinning

Rotor Spinning :

Rotor spinning or Open-end spinning is a technology for creating yarn without using a spindle. The rotor spinning machine is used in the production of a variety of materials, including corduroy, denim, Khaki, yarn-dyed fabric, printed cloth, cotton blanket, bath towel and decorative cloths.

Ring Spinning:

Ring spinning is a system of spinning that uses a ring spinning frame that drafts rovings (fibres prepared into loose strands ready for spinning where the fibres have been laid parallel to some extent), twists the yarn, and winds it on the bobbin continuously and simultaneously in one operation. Ring spun yarns have a higher proportion of fibres aligned parallel than other spinning systems. Carded yarns, combed yarns, woollen and worsted yarns are all types of ring spun yarns. Carded and combed yarns are cotton or cotton blend yarns – combed yarns are made from longer cotton fibresband the fibres are more aligned than in carded yarns. Woollen and worsted yarns are made from wool or wool blends – worsted yarns are made from longer fibres than woollen yarns and the fibres are more aligned than in woollen yarns. The worsted process involves combing the fibres to give this better alignment.

Rotor spinning framering spinning frame
1.Rotor spinning frame is modern spinning system machine1.Ring spinning frame is conventional spinning system machine
2.This machine makes yarn by high drafting from sliver.2.This machine makes yarn by lower pressure than rotor spinning frame from roving.
3.The working speed of rotor spinning frame is faster than ring spinning frame.3.The working speed of ring spinning frame is lower than ring spinning frame.
4.Usually rotor spinning frame produced lower count yarn.4.This machine can produce from low count yarn to high count yarn.
5.Basically the raw material of this machine is low quality. Means low grade cotton.5.Relatively this machine used high grade cotton to produce yarn.
6.Temperature and moisture of cotton should be controlled to produce yarn by rotor spinning frame.
6.No need to control temperature and moisture of cotton to produced yarn by ring spinning frame.
7.Room temperature should be controlled in 20 to 28 C on spinning room.7.Its better if the room temperature controlled in 28 to 35 C.
8.Only one drafting system is available on this machine so there are now break draft in this machine.8.Darting system is split in two divisions called main draft and break draft.
9.Twisting and winding process work separately in rotor spinning frame.9.Twisting and winding process work with each other.
10.Production of rotor spinning frame is more than ring spinning frame.10.Production of ring spinning frame is less than rotor spinning frame
11.Consumption of electricity is less than ring spinning frame.11.Consumption of electricity is more than rotor spinning frame.
12.The ratio of breakage yarn is less than ring spinning frame.12.The ratio of breakage yarn more than rotor spinning frame.
13.Production sound or noise is less than ring spinning frame.13.Production sound or noise of the machine is more than ring rotor spinning frame.
14.The produced yarn package large.14.The produced yarn package is small.
15.A few labor or technician can produce or maintain rotor spinning machine.15.Ring spinning machine required more than rotor spinning frame machine.


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