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mechanical engineering internships

This post will tell you how I was able to get mechanical engineering internships with no experience and a 2.8 GPA so I know a lot of people right now are probably going through the struggle of applying to so many different jobs and just getting rejected left right and center so I just wanted to make this article to share my process of how I was able to get a mechanical engineering internship the struggles that I went through mistakes.


I made and just advice i hope this article is able to inspire some form of hope   to people going through the process of applying to jobs because it’s not easy man it’s not easy   so without further ado let’s get into the article the first year is super super important like the   first year it’s recommended that you get at least a 3.0 gpa because that is what a lot   of companies are going to use to be able to even determine if you’re able to even apply   my first year i ended up unfortunately getting a 2.8 gpa which just absolutely sucked because   automatically right off the bat as i’m trying to find an mechanical engineering internships  for my second year i have   a smaller job outlook because a lot of companies require at least a 3.0 gpa my resume is already   not super spectacular because this is my first year in college and then i have no experience   this is my first professional experience that i’m applying to and i’m trying to get so my basic plan was basically to apply to as many jobs as possible and i couldn’t be picky   at all because you know my gpa wasn’t good

MY EXPERIENCE OF mechanical engineering internships:-

I needed to make sure that I gave myself as many opportunities as I could to get an interview and get a mechanical engineering internship like most people I used indeed because of the number of job openings that they have like they have millions of job openings and then another resource that I used a lot was this resource called handshake which basically if you go to a university especially based in us you might your school might use handshake which basically shows you which employers are hiring students directly from your school and then my school also has this other resource called pal and so basically what pal is it’s a database where we’re able to rank different companies that our school has connections with and we’re able to rank them based off what companies we’re most interested in and least interested in and every week my school sends out our resumes to those employers also we have career fairs at my school fall semester and spring semester.



we have a big career fair where there’s like several companies like 250 companies applying through indeed and company websites and handshake absolutely did not work i applied to   over 200 companies i didn’t get one call back it’s either i got ghosted or i got rejected   so yeah the career fair was also a waste of time i went to the career fair at my school   and i didn’t get any follow-ups the most effective resource that seemed to be working was definitely   pal and i was able to get three interviews through that resource so shout out to my school interview one was with a really small company i think they had about 20 to 30 employees and they   worked in the water treatment industry and the interview for the most part it was really relaxed   really chill they asked me mostly questions about my resume and then also behavioral based questions   like what i would do in this situation and times where i exhibited you know like leadership problem   solving stuff like that after the interview i felt pretty good you know i thought i had a good chance   of getting this job but unfortunately it’s never that easy so unfortunately i got the rejection   email one week later that didn’t get the job i was sad i’m not gonna lie you know i cried a   little bit but yeah that sucks obviously getting that first rejection because i was just thinking   like wow will i even be able to get another interview two weeks later i got a different email   from a different company saying that they wanted me to come on site for an interview   so interview two was with a big international company basf which if you’re based in germany   you might know this company this is a big specialty chemicals producer so they hire a lot of   chemical engineers and this is actually my second interview with basf i remember i had an interview   with them my freshman year after applying to them so this interview was totally different   from the first one it was a panel interview so four people were interviewing me at once and they   were just shooting question left right and center i was not prepared at all i remember one specific   question that they asked me i was sitting there for a minute thinking like wow and then finally   i came up with a lie and i’m pretty sure they could tell that i was lying i knew it was gonna   be a miracle if i got that job they got back to me within the same 24 hours they told me that they   were not moving forward with me so obviously that sucked you know rejection really it really starts   to eat at you you think that why am i really not good enough like what is the problem but   there is light always at the end of the tunnel .


How I get mechanical engineering internships:-

i end up getting another email a month later from   a different company that wanted me to come on site for an interview this company was   a medium-sized company about 100 employees and it was an engineering consulting firm and they wanted   me to interview for a project management position but this time i really took my time practicing   behavioral based questions and really just making sure that i was prepared for this interview   overall the interview went super good after the interview i knew i had a good chance getting this   job because they gave me a tour of the company i got to meet a lot of different employees   and it just generally seemed like they were really interested in you know me working there and they   seemed like they really liked me so long story short third time is the charm i ended up getting a   job at this company and ah thank god you know that was that was one of the happiest days of my life i want you guys to notice some common themes that happened throughout the course of all   those interviews for mechanical engineering internships and whatnot so especially with chemical engineering and especially since it was   my first job and my first mechanical engineering internships  experience a lot of the interviews weren’t really as technical   so if you’re in like your first couple of years of school or like you haven’t really had   any experience in the industry do not worry at all about having a technical   interview most likely they’re going to ask you behavioral based questions and   they’re going to ask you questions about your resume so make sure that you know your resume   inside and out because obviously they’ll be able to tell if you’re lying about certain   things that you put on your resume as you can see my school was able to get me all my interviews if   you can try to rely on the connections that your school has alumni that they’ve hired   companies that hire people from your school that is such a good way to get your foot in the door if   my school didn’t have connections like that with local employers most likely i probably wouldn’t   have gotten these three interviews and i probably wouldn’t have even been able to get an mechanical engineering internships



I think the biggest mistake i made throughout this process that probably would have saved me a lot of   time and probably would have got me more into the opportunities was not tailoring my resume at all   so this is a super big mistake i used the same resume to apply to every single job and mechanical engineering internships  try to make   sure that you try to switch up your resume at least a little bit some roles will have target   keywords that their looking for in your resume and they’ll filter out your resume if your resume   doesn’t have those keywords another mistake i made was just having no direction at all as to the type   of company that i was trying to work for i just wanted to get my foot in the door and i feel like   if i would have had a direction of what type of company i was looking for i could have   even further improved my resume and submit better quality applications try to have an idea of what   type of company or industry you’re trying to work for are you trying to work for maybe like a tech   based company or you’re trying to work for maybe a traditional engineering company try to have an   idea of what you are looking for in an mechanical engineering internships so yeah you guys that is how i was able to   get an engineering mechanical engineering internships  with a 2.8 gpa and no experience it just sucks yeah getting rejected   left and right center it really sucks the right opportunity is out there waiting for you i know   that sounds cliche but do not give up like once you actually give up you

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