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Everyone is interested in taking remote internships  but only a handful of people are interested in giving back to the community hey there everyone Hitesh here back again with another post and as I announced on my facebook page   that very soon we are going to announce monthly paid remote internships programs this is the post  which will give you more details about whatever what are our plans for these remote internships how much we’re gonna paid what is going to be the work and how come this is a monthly process that we are gonna hire interns from a remote location every single month a lot needs to be discussed in this post

Details about remote internships :

let’s get started from the very early stage I am very much interested in creating more resources so that people can find learning something much more easily and with a very friendly manner and continuing this goal further to provide more resources to learn I think I can hire more interns of course the paid ones and we can create amazing community which can help further in providing learning resources in order to create more such learning resources we will be hiring interns at least one every single month and therefore he’s going to help us in creating more such assets so what’s going to be the job in this remote internships  and of course it’s going Tobe a remote one paid one too and how this is all going to work so let me explain this to you so every single month we are going to decide at topic a topic maybe Linux maybe Docker maybe ogling maybe Python or machine learning there’s going Tobe a different topic every single month we’re going to take interns on those topics at least one and that in turn is going to be responsible for sharing the entire learning journey for the beginner for that particular topic his main responsibility is going to be writing an article just one article a day and walking through the entire learning journey for that topic.

My experience:-

I don’t expect you to be guru in that topic but the only thing that is required is the consistency and a very much zeal from inside to learn something so as long as you are a good learner and you are just dedicated person you definitely can apply for these remote internships  so basically your job is going to be just learned the topic that we are going to give it to you and just share the learning journey in the next 30 days write articles so that students just like you can follow along with you the goal of these articles should not be much unfocused on SEO or anything else they are not really bothered about that much the goal should be that these articles should be perfectly narrated along with screenshots and codes so that people can follow along these articles by following these 30 articles in amonth people should say that hey I have gained something now every month we’re gonna hire one such student who we technically are paying to learn and share that learning journey now what you’ll be getting in return for this remote internships  program first and foremost you’re gonna get a certificate that yes you were at you were a paid intern at our company that’s gonna be number one thing the number two thing is you’ll be getting paid the payment in the form of as thanks that you were being resourceful for our company the payment is going to be minimum of eight thousand rupees and based on how much public is being interacted with your content and how much people are actually taking advantage of your content it may come up to a bonus as well so minimum is going to be eight thousand rupees but the bonus can be add on on to that number three you will get absolute hundred percent credit of your work now in the industry it is usually the thing that either you get paid or you get credit but for this particular remote internships  it’s a very special case that you’re tonnage full credit for all of your work people will be able to see that all these articles are written by you and you can even post up your social media handle so that you can also build an amazing community fourth thing.

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Things to be noted :-

you’re gonna get a global exposure since our website is pretty much on the heavy traffic side and we get a pretty good audience on my website as well so you get a full global exposure of your work last but not the least it just is one article a day and you can just be sitting at your comfortable sofa learning the stuff and getting paid for that I think that’s a fair deal if everything goes right within a couple of months we will we will be able to create multiple tracks on variety of subjects so that student can follow these tracks and can read these amazing articles and can learn something from those amazing authors that we are calling up now absolutely you can be totally new in this writing domain or may be learning that technology or maybe something else but always there is some time or some place where we need to start something so I think you should give it a try I do understand that you can be absolutely new in this world of writing articles or learning a subject within 30 days I’m not asking you to be a guru in that but make sure you learn as much as you can and of course you’re gonna get paid for that so always there is always some time or some place when you can get started to learn something and I think this isthe right time and right place now in this entire journey of the 30 days of writing this article since there’s gonna be only just one.

Choosing internship:-

student as of beginning will be personally monitoring all of your articles as well as I’ll provide you some of the paid resources for graphics and all those amazing UI elements so that you can improve your writing mode these are the paid assets which we pay on an annual basis and you will get full access to them as well so this sounds interesting so what you have to do and how you can apply and what is the procedure for that so in the description section there is a forum what you need to do is write an article on the subject what is ogling and how to install it on your system make sure you take full advantage of the screenshots and whatever you have got to publish this article use any medium are to publish this article you can use Google Docs you can use medium you can use WordPress you can use blogger feel free to whatever you like to host so just write this article on the subject what is ogling and how to install it so go-ahead to write this article check the description section there is link to the form submit that link in the form with your proper details now here is a quick word of caution.


How you can apply:-

I would like to mention here please make sure that you only submit the link for the article only anything else that you are submitting in there apart from article I have seen people  sometimes just submit their LinkedIn Poe articles or LinkedIn account or maybe Twitter account we’re going to do that we’re going to put that put you into the blacklist zone that means we will never hire you and will even never consider your application for remote internships  so please value our time and don’t try to waste our time by just submitting any link only follow the instructions now the very important question you might be asking when is the last day to submit this article technically there is no last date I will be just keep on looking at the form so as quickly as you can write just submit it as soon as I get the first candidate that yeah that looks great for this particular job and he is quite active on email replying to my email then that ‘sit the blog this description link is not going to take anymore links so make sure you submit that ad quickly as possible because there is no such last date as quickly as we get a candidate then that’s it that’s pretty much it going to be now also do follow me up on Instagram because making such a post   for these remote internships  every single time or every single month I don’t think that’s a very feasible thing so many times these interns are going to be directly being hired directly from Instagram chats or articles or something like that so do follow me up on Instagram don’t spam me just make sure you follow up my stories and I’ll post such things in the stories first that’s it for this post   and welcome to the monthly remote paid remote internships  program at LCO and I hope to see many of you working closely with me and helping the community in learning  more by creating easier resources to learn that’s it for this post .

if you want to apply for these remote internships click here and apply for your desired internship.



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