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Responsibilities of a production officer:

A production officer should enter the mill 15 minutes before shift starting. He should take over the
shift from the previous production officer and look to execute the following duties.
• Stock of mixing and stock that is lacking.
• Maintain management system.
• Maintain workers responsibility.
• Maintain spin plan.
• Everyday check converted production increase or decrease.
• Set up manpower correctly as per machine need.
• Time maintain is mandatory as a production officer.
• Always try to improve production per shift.
• Availability of stock for the next shift.
• Have to work very closely with the whole production team to meet the
production target within the lead time.
• Ensure proper maintenance of all machines by maintenance department
when required.
• Humidity and temperature.
• No idle time for the machines running on the floor.
• Production related data from the machines for record and evaluation
• Notifying the senior officer and concerned department in case of any
• Ensure the quality of the yarn as per the yarn standard of buyer.
• Achieve plant utilization and production target along with quality.
• Ensure finishing production target on daily basis.
• Any other responsibilities assigned by the management.


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