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Objectives of UNIflOC machine:

• Extract material evenly from all the bales of a lay-out
• Gentle opening of material
• Small tuft size
• Equal tuft size
• Process as many bales as possible in a single charge;
• Easy to program
• Blend material right at the start of the process.
• Permit the composition of a fiber blend from several component

Rieter uniflock A11

Rieter UNIfloc is an automatic bale opening machine. Over the years the company
has launched several models with better performance and efficiency in processing.
This a second generation type of machine. Where the bales are stationary and the
machine moves along a fixed path and collect fibers in small tufts and forward them
through transport duct towards the heavy particles depositor box. A bale layout can
comprise up to 70 bales from 4 to 6 different sources. Intervening spaces sometimes
have to be left between the individual bale groups so that the extraction roller can be
adapted to varying bale heights. the machines are completely electronically
controlled and extract material from all bales evenly, independently of varying bale

uniflock A11


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