January 27, 2022
Scholarships for Muslim students

Scholarships for Muslim students 2021-2022

List of all Scholarships available for Muslim Students in 2021

Muslims no longer to let go of their dreams to achieve good education at their dream universities or colleges due to financial constraints as there are many scholarships available for Muslims to get scholarships through different universities of the world for the Muslims . These scholarships for Muslims are sponsored by different Muslim foundations throughout the world  for those students who are interested to get these scholarships. These foundations usually provide grants for financing higher education and most of them provide scholarships in fields that further their mission for the betterment and get more well education through the different universities of the world. They provide scholarships to students of any institution in a particular country or their partner universities for the Muslims to full fill their dreams. Some Islamic Centers in universities also provide scholarships for Muslims in the world.

Scholarships list for Muslim Students (2021-2022):

we searched for different scholarships available to Muslim students of this scholarships in different countries and come up with the list of top scholarships for Muslims. so don’t worry about the scholarships if you are Muslims now many countries are giving scholarships for Muslims in this year. The list of all the scholarships available for Muslim students is provided below so if you are interested apply for these universities for scholarships.

#1 Islamic Development Bank Scholarships

Islamic Development Bank realizes the importance of human resources for the advancement of society and sustainability for the Muslims for scholarships and so, addresses human resource development needs through its scholarships for the better future of the Muslims in all over the world. The scholarships for Muslims are provided to students from the Islamic Development Bank’s member countries for Muslims for scholarships. These scholarships are provided for undergraduate degrees for the Muslims, Master’s Degrees, and PhDs program also for the Muslims. in particular fields of study for the Muslims for scholarships.

#2 Islamic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is meant to finance studies in particular majors in the USA for the Muslims to become the part of this scholarships which are provided for the students especially for the Muslims. Islamic Scholarship Fund was established to increase American Muslims’ representation in politics as well as media for those who are interested for the scholarships through out the year for Muslims. It provides scholarships to students who are Muslims or active members of the Muslim Community in the USA so those candidates who are interested for the scholarships apply as soon as possible. To get the scholarship, students must have US citizenship or be a resident of the USA so that you are eligible as the scholarships for the Muslims.

#3 Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships

If you want to study at the University of Oxford on a scholarship then this is for you so those students who dreams to study in oxford so its not the dream if you are Muslims then you have a great chance to get the scholarships. This scholarship is for students of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies which is an independent center within the University of Oxford so if you are wanted to get the scholarships in oxford university then you apply as soon as possible. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees and provides a grant for meeting living expenses for the full duration of the course for the Muslims to avail this scholarships which oxford university is providing.

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#4 Aziz Foundation Scholarships

Aziz Foundation provides scholarships to British Muslims for the betterment of the Muslims in the field of the education . These scholarships are offered for Full-time Master’s Degree in the UK and provide 100% tuition fee support for the students who are eligible for the scholarships in this foundation. These are provided to British Muslims who want to uplift society through community development for the Muslims for scholarships and better representation in society for the Muslims.

#5 ASSR Science Scholarships

Sponsored by the Canadian Albert Association, applications are invited for a Scholarship for Muslims citizen so all students who are interested for the scholarships apply as soon as possible(ASSR) 2021 roundup from international students to study in Canada for Muslims citizen. These scholarships will be awarded for full-time research fellows (postured) and a limited number of undergrad students who are eligible for the scholarships in 2021 -22. Existing since 1994, the A Scholarship (ASSR) Roundup has provided patronage to full-time graduate students, undergraduate students, or post-doctorate female students for their studies in Canada for the scholarships through out the year.

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#6 King Faisal Foundation Scholarship Program

King Faisal Foundation provides scholarships for Muslim students across the world displaying academic excellence for the betterment of the students so those students who are eligible for the scholarships apply as soon as possible. These scholarships are designed to financially support such students to pursue their studies in science for Muslims for scholarships, engineering fields for Muslims, and medicine at different levels including undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the Muslims community in this foundation.

#7 MAX Scholarships

MAX or Muslim Awards for Excellence aims to elevate the status of Muslims in Canada . It recognize their achievements as well as motivates for those students who are eligible for the scholarships in MAX scholarships program 2021. These scholarships are provided to Muslim students who show excellent performance in university or high-school and have contributed to their school so the students who are eligible for the scholarships apply as soon as possible and get this scholarships.

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