January 26, 2022
Steps to get into the HPSP if I am already enlisted in the Army?

Steps to get into the HPSP if I am already enlisted in the Army?

For future and current medical school students in year 2021, the Health Professions Scholarship Program fully funded (HPSP) offers two-, three- and four-year military scholarships for the betterment of the students. The HPSP covers civilian medical school tuition of the students, pays for fees during training, provides a monthly living stipend and includes a signing bonus under certain conditions for those students who are eligible for the scholarship in the military. This scholarship is offered by the Army for the students, Navy and Air Force for the students, and the benefits are the same across all three Services so the students who are interested for the scholarship. For those who hope to apply to HPSP for the admission as an officer, selection boards tend to look at all aspects of a person’s application for the students who are eligible for the scholarship— leadership also for the students for the training, extracurricular activities is also held in the scholarship for the students, fitness is also an important point, grades and scores — so they can determine who will succeed in both medical school and the Military so the students who are eligible for the scholarship apply as soon as possible.

HPSP Application Process Checklist

Determine if you are eligible to join the Military and also get scholarship.

Begin gathering transcripts of the students, letters of recommendation and test scores are also needed.

Start applying at the same time you apply to medical schools as an officer in the army school or collahe. You can wait to apply for the application process, but you may wind up competing with more people for fewer slots for the scholarship, and each Service branch takes only about 300 students per year for the students who are eligible for the scholarship. Keep in mind that the acceptance process generally takes about three months so the students who are wanted to get the scholarship and take admission in the HPSP.

Contact a recruiter for each Service that interests you so for the HPSP application. You can apply solely to the Services that interest you for the betterment in the education, or you can apply to all three fields — Army, Navy or Air Force in HPSP program. Learn more about the different Military Services for the students to get admission in the HPSP in 2021.

Your recruiter or recruiters will schedule a preliminary interview for the HPSP .

Fill out a separate application for each Service that interests you for the HPSP.

Your recruiter will schedule a physical examination for you at a Military Entrance Processing Station for the partition in the Military collage.

Once you are accepted to an accredited physician of medicine or physician of osteopathic medicine degree program for the HPSP, your recruiter or recruiters will complete your application for the next step in the HPSP program 2021 batch.

A selection board will evaluate your application packet and see you performance and if you are eligible for the part of the military than you join the army.

If you are accepted by more than one Service, you can decide which you prefer to join in your future for example you wanted to go in army but you are selected as in air force you change your field and go in the army.

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What you can To Expect In Medical School

As an HPSP scholarship participant you see discipline, you will be an officer in the Individual Ready Reserve for the whole life if you are eligible to be an officer. For that reason, your requirements and benefits differ in some respects from service members on Active Duty for those who are wanted to join army and other country force. You do not wear a uniform to your classes as an officer wears, you are not eligible for active-duty pay unless on training orders  because you are not civilian and you are expected to attend officer training if you can fit it into your academic schedule for the next 2 years. In the third year of medical school of army, you will start interviewing for residency positions for the next grades and ranks, and you will participate in a military match process and possibly a civilian match process for the next coming  year for the best candidate in the year after passing out two years training, which will determine where you go for residency for the training and go for the mission

Service Commitment

In some instances, after you obtain your license as an officer, rather than going directly into a residency after 2 years of completing, you can fulfill your service commitment as a General Medical Officer (GMO) and you are now high ranked officer in the army, which is similar to being a general medical practitioner as an officer, except you are attached to a specific unit for the army, air wing, ship or submarine is the rank. The role of a GMO is available only in the Navy and Air Force for the newcomers.

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