How to get tesla internship and tesla jobs

how to get tesla internship and tesla jobs

How to get a tesla internship:

Tesla internship is the dream of most students and works for tesla . Tesla is one of the largest companies where you can find different jobs and internships today I’ll be talking all about my Tesla internship. Also will be giving you some secrets and tips on how to land your dream job and finally whether Tesla’s internship is worth the hype or not. Let’s find out. So I interned at Tesla in the summer of 2015 as a software development intern. I’m a big-time car enthusiast and hence this was a dream internship for me. Also regarding the interviews.

My experience:-

I had 2 rounds one technical one non-technical. The recruiter was super fast, super-efficient and within two days I had the offer letter in my hands. Okay so now let me give you some tips on how to land your dream job like a tesla internship. The first one preparing your resume really really well. You know that’s the starting point. You know your resume for tesla should be with a maximum of one page. Also, there are three to four very important sections that you need to work on. The first one being the project section. You know list your three to four recent projects and be ready to talk about them in detail. The second one being the skill section you know write your top skills in descending order of their expertise. Also, the last one being the achievements section.

How to write a tesla internship application:-


Write down your few recent achievements that really help you to stand out from the other candidates. Bullet points are the best for resumes your resume is being evaluated by bots so there is no point in writing tons and tons of paragraphs. The bots are looking for specific keywords and usually, you should focus on them instead. Another important thing is you know to look for typos. It’s very important to proofread your resume for the tesla internship. Share your resume with your family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and have them, you know, ask them to have a look. Typos you know can cause a massacre. Let me paint you a picture. For example, a particular job position requires machine learning knowledge and you are the perfect candidate for it, for that position. You have ample knowledge in that field but in your resume instead of machine learning, you wrote Makine learning, so the bot skips you and you lose out on your golden opportunity. Don’t do that, be careful, be extra careful. So now the next step apart from the resume building part is that you need to be really articulate during the interview. Don’t run with the words. You know try to explain things very well.

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Interview process of tesla internship:-

Give time to your interviewer to process what you are saying and to understand what you have done, what your projects are. That’s very important. Now the third tip is you know exuberate confidence in your voice. You know companies like candidates with confidence in their work, in their top skills, so that’s a very key thing. The next step for the tesla internship is: Show excitement about the company, portray that you would love to work there, you’re looking forward to it. Now for the tesla internship, it came naturally to me   Now let me talk about my internship experience. So there were many high points during my tesla internship. The first one is meeting the man himself Mr. Elon Musk. I got to meet him on a couple of occasions and it was a fan movement for me. Another high point was during the first day of the internship all the interns got a chance to ride in the Tesla Model Sin Tesla’s room very own private racetrack. And this was way back in 2015 when seeing a Tesla on the road was not that common. Like I was personally you know blown away by the car, the ride, the experience, mind-blowing. Thirdly my internship location was Tesla’s Fremont factory location and we were given the factory tour in golf carts. So we can see, we could see the cars getting manufactured there and it was like pure awesome. Also, I’ve got to work on cutting-edge projects and I got to make some great professional connections. My tesla internship was way back in 2015 but I’m still in touch with my manager and my team lead. So Tesla’s internship is definitely worth the hype. If you guys get 2 internship offers, one from a facing company and one from Tesla, I would personally recommend going for Tesla. You will not regret that decision. You guys will be at the center of technological marvel. Personally, you know it was one of my best summers. Definitely go for Tesla.

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Why Tesla is one of the best places to work?

– First I wanna talk about, ss is apparently a hotspot for young job seekers. This, first off, coming from The Wall Street Journal is interesting. But also I was pretty shocked by this. So the story is despite long hours and a frenetic pace, a job at Elon Musk’s electric car company is a career breaker many idealistic engineers find impossible to pass up. So Tesla received more job and internship applications than any other company on Handshake, a student career services appin 2016 to 2017 academic year. From 2017 to 2018 it only narrowly beat out JPMorgan Chase, not sure where that’s going but okay. Seems to be a lot of young people who want demanding, a well-paid career that also fulfills their idealism. Kind of the concept of, you know, when you invest investing with a conscience kind of thing where you want to be working on something. As someone I’m right on the cusp of that millennial generation, I certainly have made career choices that were aimed at something that I believed in, something that wasn’t just a means to an end. And so it seems, you know, to be that’s likely one of the big reasons why so many people applying for tesla jobs.

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The institute from where TESLA picks employs:-

They’re recruiting a lot for tesla jobs from the top engineering schools like Worcester, Polytechnic Institute, and Carnegie Mellon, and not just the Ivy Leagues. As well as, you know, I also interviewed a lot of folks that obviously worked in, previously worked in a lot of the big tech companies, you don’t necessarily have to even have a college degree if you’re really good at what you do. Some of the things Tesla’s obviously recruiting for require kind of a really deep education around some of the engineering staff for tesla jobs, but if you’re on the software side it’s one of those things where you can really kind of pave your own way just by showing what you can do in the open-source world as well as just online and all that. So really interesting stuff, I hope this means again that Tesla continues to innovate and increase that innovation by recruit tesla jobs because that truly is what matters. On Glassdoor which is a site where people review companies, you see that they have a 3.4rating which isn’t great. Everyone I know that talked about Glassdoor though says that you kind of has to pet their ego a little bit to get a high rating, that’s why, you know, it’s very few times that people actually get to be the top employer despite having tremendous reviews and stuff like a Facebook or Google or one of those. Now one of the things about something like Glassdoor.

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Choose your career:-

if you’re a young engineer looking to get into this and you see that you go oh. Know that a very large percentage of the people that tesla jobs are kind of in the blue-collar space, they’re in manufacturing, they’re turning dials, right, they’re cranking stuff out. It’s a very purpose-filled work but it’s not like being at one of these silicon valley start-ups. Tesla is a kind of software side are, you know, they are very much in the get it done mentality to get tesla jobs. You know much more like Netflix than a Facebook or a Google with this kind of lavish opulence in terms of like restaurants and free food and all that. So Tesla is a place, seems to be where you wanna go to make a difference and I think that’s great. You know, personally, that’s why I’m here, that’s why I do this, is because I wanna share what we find by looking at the data about this company and others that are really trying to move us towards a better future. So let me know what you guys think about that in the comments, I’m curious about tesla jobs if anyone here has applied to Tesla, what their experience was like. Let me know in the comments there down below this post.

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