World Bank Scholarships Program 2021

World Bank Scholarships Program 2021 is now open for international students.
World Bank Scholarships Program 2021

World Bank Scholarships Program 2021 

Joint Japan/ World Bank Scholarships Program 2021for international students (JJ/WBGSP) is now  open for the   certain developing countries with related professional experience and a great record  of supporting their countries’ development efforts who are applying to a master’s  degree program in their  development-related topic.

Subject to available funding, JJWBGSP is offering  scholarships for 48 Participating Programs at universities in U.S., Europe, Africa which will start form 22 March , 2021, Oceania and Japan in key areas of development tax policy, including economic policy management, , and infrastructure management. Kindly  note that if you have not taken admission in  to one of these 48 programs then  you will not be  eligible to apply for a JJWBGSP Scholarship in 2021.

Application Period from this scholarship program  will open on March 22, 2021 and close on May 21, 2021 for developing countries.

After passing graduate degree for  developing country scholars are  committed to return to their home country to use their new skills and contribute to their countries’ social and economic development around the world

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The  JJWBGSP scholarship will provide a monthly living stipend, tuition, health insurance,, round-trip airfareand travel allowance. View a detailed list of benefits.

Who is Eligible to Apply?
How to Apply
Selection Process
Scholarship Benefits

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All the Details on Eligibility Criteria for each call for applications are provided in that call’s Application Guidelines, and detailed eligibility criteria  points are strictly adhered to. No exceptions will be   made.

Broadly speaking, (applicants )Developing Country nationals :-

  • Must Be a national of a World Bank member developing country on this list;
  • Must Not hold any dual citizenship of any developed country;
  • Must Be in good health (physically);
  • Must completed Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree earned at 3 years prior to the Application Deadline date;
  • Must Have at least 3 years or can be more depending upon the applicants  more of recent development-related work experience after earning a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree;
  • Must Be employed in development-related work in a paid full- time position when he is submitting the scholarship application. Have at least three  years of paid development-related employment since earning a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent university degree) and this will acquired within the past 6 years from the date of the Application Deadline. Kindly  see FAQs on how to count qualified part time employment toward this 3-year requirement. Kindly watch the  Annex 2 of the Application Guidelines for a suggested list of development-related topics. There is  only exception to this criterion is for developing country nationals from a country that is on the list of Fragile and Conflict States featured in Annex 3 of the Application Guidelines. In these exceptional cases, we do take into deliberation the limited employment opportunities for  those countries listed in Annex 3.
  • On or before the Scholarship Application Deadline date, applicant must be admitted unconditionally (except for funding) for coming academic year to at least one of the JJ/WBGSP participating master’s programs courses  located outside of the applicant’s country of citizenship and country of residence listed at the time the call for scholarship applications opens. The admission letter  must be uploaded before you submit your scholatshipapplication   For details, see “How to Apply”.
  • Not be Executive Directorand/or staff , , his/her alternate,  of  any type of appointment of the World Bank Group or a close relative of the aforesaid by blood relation  or adoption with the term “close relative” is  defined as: Mother, sister , brother,  , Half-sister, Brother, Half-brother, Son, Daughter,  Niece,aunt , or Nephew.

Please note: All eligibility criteria for World Bank Scholarships Program 2021 will be   strictly followed c to. No exceptions will be  made. Eligibility criteria WILL NOT change during an open call for any  applications. However, this information is focus to change between the closesure  of one application process and the opening of the next application


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